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No one assignment is the same. Empathy, creativity and expertise are essential. Therefore, first of all our goal is to reach a mutual understanding. During an informal meeting it can be assessed if our experience and expertise agree with the wishes and demands of you, the entrepreneur.

According to us every assignment starts off with an interview. This is necessary in order to get complete clarity and insight into the problem and/or assignment. From the information you supply us, including the desired duration, you will receive our quotation which will state: the problem, the assignment, preconditions, the number of hours spend on the assignment and the costs.

After you have agreed on our quotation and signed the confirmation papers the assignment is taken on by us. This method of approach will assure you, the entrepreneur, of never having to face unexpected surprises.

Every assignment is dealt with on a project base and executed in a structured manner for effective project management. After a controlled start and a professional execution your enterprise goals will be realized in a client-supplier environment.

During the assignment we will keep you informed of the progress being made. Short lines of communication are essential. In this way supplemental wishes and demands can be discussed which might present themselves during the course of the assignment. A project will end with an evaluation.

Our method of approach typifies as keeping the assignments as short as possible. Our goal is to complete a project within one year. When needed, alignment or cooperation with other organizations in the field of interim or project management will be established. Of course after having discussed and consented it with you, the entrepreneur.

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