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Personnel profile

Van der Hoeven Advice & Financial Management is the company wherewith Herman van der Hoeven presents himself as an independent financial manager on the business market.

Allow me to introduce myself
Herman van der HoevenMy name is Herman van der Hoeven and I am a self employed financial manager with over 20 years of experience in the field of business economics and business administration. After having been an employee at several companies and in several business areas in a manager role, I decided on January the first 2007 to start a business for myself.
To back up my practical experience with theoretical knowledge I have completed a range of educational courses with the highest completed level being that of the Post-HBO education for Qualified Controller (HOFAM). At the moment I am specializing myself in the field of Balanced Scorecard implementation at enterprises, extending my skills in the field of project management and expending my horizon of the financial territory by attending a course in operational management. Besides that I keep myself sharp by reading up on current developments in my branch and reading management books.

Predominant areas of expertise

  • Managing liquidity
  • Management reports
  • Managing budgets and guarding costs
  • Making internal and publishable annual reports
  • Purchase price calculation
  • Balanced scorecard implementation
  • Setting up and improve the administrative organization
  • Decision making on investments
  • Improvement of periodical financial and business reports
  • Procurement and procurement administration
  • Dutch tax-return: OB, LB, IB and VpB
  • Project administration
  • Salary administration
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