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Vision statement

In the last few years you, the entrepreneur, are often confronted with an ever more rapidly changing environment. The revenue of your enterprise is under pressure as a consequence of changing laws and rules, increased competition and demanding customers.

You know all there is to know with respect to the practical aspects of your work; the operational side of affairs holds no secrets for you. As an entrepreneur you make decisions where finances play an important role. More and more you are held accountable for the managemental and financial results of your enterprise. However, optimal steering and the realization of good operating results require a clear understanding of finances.

Through the hectics and dynamics within your enterprise, you sometimes do not have the feeling of being totally in control. The reported figures do not confirm your expectations. You feel the need of management information with which you can get a complete and firm grip on your enterprise; with which you can steer and with which you can realize positive results.

Mission statement

“Excellent service from the perspective of the entrepreneur”

Our focus is directed on the support of management with the assimilation and interpretation of management information. A clear analysis translates your financial data to the practical side of your enterprise. Concrete (re)actions to favourably influence the results of your enterprise will be determined in deliberation.

A professional controlling and management information system is one of the means which benefits an enterprise. Furthermore, we believe that management and controllers must direct their attention on the future of the organization. The report of real data has the primary goal to improve on future plans.

In other words: what an enterprise needs is a tailored report of relevant figures on all levels. No extensive superfluous numbers mash, but data that you and your management recognize and understand how it came be. Information which everybody supports and uses in order to come to still better results.

Passion statement

Van der Hoeven Advice & Financial Management stands for the transfer, to entrepreneurs and managers, of knowledge and skills about the realization of goals and sound financial results with the aid of numbers. These numbers will create the feeling that everything is under control.

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